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My Red Cardinal Experience
My son Nick
My son passed away on leave from the United States Naval Academy. He was a junior at the Academy. On May 23, 2014 he would have graduated as an Officer.
I had a dream prior to my visit to Annapolis, Maryland. It was of my son Nick; I asked him in my dream if he could give my a sign that he's present with me; he replied, "no mom, where i'm at we're not able to do that".
It was my last day visiting my son at the U.S.N.A.; he is buried there. A priest friend of mine wanted to bless his monument and wash it too! I buried my bracelet in the dirt by his monument; I wanted to leave my favorite bracelet with him. I thought what can I leave here with my son that would not wither away; such as flowers do! My son's picture of himself is at the top of his monument. I kissed him and hugged his monument so many times.
Upon the return to the hotel in Annapolis; I double checked to make sure of all my belongings were taken; and low and behold there flew by the window a huge, big and the most vibrant red cardinal i've every seen in my life! My room was on the 4th floor. And this cardinal pecked loudly on the window flying numerous times and pecking repeatedly against the window. There I knew that was my sign given to me by my son. The amount of times this cardinal pecked on the window was amazing! It brought great joy to my heart. My son was 21.
This Story is Dedicated to: Nicholas James Aaron Tarr Sent From: Inverness, Florida, -United States,

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