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cardinal viewing
I lost my beloved Newfie several months ago now and was very distraught, she had to be put to sleep because her bone cancer had finally got the better of her, I prayed that I would have a sign that she was now in Rainbow Bridge as it is known to people who have lost their animal friends, 2 days later a beautiful deep red cardinal appeared on my porch, about a month after this, I also had to put my precious Lucky, ( a kitten I had raised from 2 days old and I was the only one he would snuggle with and put his paws around my shoulder and give me kisses with his head, he would always have to have one paw on my flesh no matter where he was when laying next to me and of course at night he would come and lay on my chest till sleep time, so he was a part of me and I had to watch him go to Rainbow bridge too when his kidneys gave out, one week later and again 2 days after the first week, again the red cardinal came, surely this is a sign in answer to my prayers, finally day before yesterday I also lost my niece in England, she had bravely been waiting for years for a kidney and she finally succumbed to the illness and although the organ was found, she was now too ill to accept it and she passed away with all her grown children beside her, she has been a mentor and most wonderful person to me, especially in the past couple of years, today after I had asked God to show me again a sign that she is well and with him, the wonderful cardinal once again stopped by to see me!! This is truly Gods way of letting me know my loved ones are safe and with him, Thankyou God and thankyou red cardinal....
This Story is Dedicated to: Yvonne and my wonderful pets Sent From: dedham, Maine, -United States,

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