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Messages From My Love.
The Healing Power of Cardinals.
Once again, I was weeping because the love of my life had died. A long stretch of peace had just passed, followed by yet another wave of grief. I let the tears pour. I begged my love to come back to me in some way. I told him I loved him, and that I wished we could have one last hug. I called out to him, wishing for the warmth of his touch, and the sweetness of his soul. And as I mourned, I looked out upon the beautiful garden of a friend, and saw a group of cardinals. The image was blurry but I believe there were four, including two male and two female, flying toward the wooden patio rail outside. They landed one by one, and a fifth - a male - flitted around, as if searching. The symbolism left me breathless with awe. I felt the soul of my boyfriend all around me, also mourning, also desiring contact. I continued to weep, yet also felt comforted and uplifted. Since that day, I have seen one or more cardinals -- often in conspicuous places and hard to overlook -- whenever I feel overwhelmed with longing for my boyfriend. We had only a short time together, but as time goes by I am making peace with the fact that we at least found each other. I believe we will meet again, and until then, the cardinals give me hope and comfort.
This Story is Dedicated to: the love of my life Sent From: Hampton, Virginia, -United States,

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