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Visitation from a Cardinal
A cardinal outside my window after hearing of my fathers death
Within the first hour upon hearing the news of my fathers death, I saw a cardinal right outside my bedroom window. I called my mom in because it was a surprise to see it there and I felt it was there for a reason. My father's companion, Diane, informed me that my father loved cardinals and always enthusiastically pointed them out. I was inspired to sketch one out for a painting and then I looked up the symbolic meaning and even the greatest cynic's mind would be blown by what I found. First of all, as I have said before, my father was a devout catholic and a great believer in spirits. I came upon this website, "thecardinalexperience.com" where all of the christian meanings behind the cardinal were posted and it was mainly a site for people who have recently lost a loved one. "Traditionally, the cardinal is symbolic of life, hope and restoration." "These symbols connect cardinal birds to the living faith, and so they come to remind us, that though circumstances might look bleak, dark and despairing, there is always hope." We had a complicated relationship, but my Dad did know that I am spiritual in various aspects and my love for animals is undeniable. I think he knew the cardinal would catch my attention, affect me, and lead me to the curiosity that would bring me to this site and thus, bring me some peace.
This Story is Dedicated to: John Kreppel Sent From: Cheektowaga, New York, -United States,

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