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My Dad is in Heaven - Never Lose Faith!
Cardinal Sign From 1998 - Still Just as Vivid Today - 2014
My Dad passed in 1997 at the age of 56. My parents divorced when I was young, so I had really appreciated how close my Dad and I had become during my college years. We talked on the phone nearly every day; he was a constant presence in my life through those formative and difficult years of college and young adulthood. Our relationship continued to blossom, until his passing from a terminal illness in 1997, just a few days after my 26th birthday. His death was very difficult, sudden and sad for me.

After his death, I prayed repeatedly, actually probably begged God repeatedly - "Please let my dad go to Heaven! Please, please, please let my dad go to Heaven!" asking God over and over and over. I especially liked to pray on my walks.

One day, on one of these walks and talks with God - I remember it like it was yesterday, which is now 16 years later - my Cardinal experience!

I'm the type of person that loves to stop and literally smell the roses on my walks - I love the smell of fresh cut grass, honeysuckle, fresh rain,the sound of kids laughing and playing, lawnmowers running, dogs barking, birds chirping, sprinklers running the typical sites and senses one might experience on a walk.

I asked God for a sign, to please let me know if Dad was in Heaven, again probably begging! A red bird - the Cardinal appeared, and stayed with me that whole walk. I am not kidding and I knew deep down in my soul, without a doubt whatsoever, that my Dad was in Heaven. I do not know how to explain it, but I knew, that I knew, that I knew what that Cardinal meant to me.

Shortly after that experience I told my mom, but felt embarrassed after having done so, as I don't think she believed me, and I'm not sure I was able to articulate accurately just what had happened, and so I kept the information to myself.

Fast forward to present day, I am 42 years old, and still thinking about that life experience, which brought me so much comfort. Ironically, or maybe not so ironically, I was on a commercial flight, when I had this revelation about that experience and decided to find out if there was any symbolism or meaning to the cardinal bird.

I "googled" it! (Information and technology not so easily and readily available 16 years prior...) I discovered this website and that I am not alone in this cardinal experience.

It brings me great relief to read of these other experiences with the cardinal and I look forward to learning so much more about it. Best of all, I know my DAD is in Heaven! That Cardinal brought me hope, peace and strengthened my faith. It was an experience that will not leave me.

Thank you for starting this website - experiences like that never leave you....
This Story is Dedicated to: Dad and answered prayers Sent From: San Antonio, Texas, United States,

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