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A Cardinal in Church
My Brother's Comfort in Church
My oldest brother and I were always very close. He was 5 years older than I and he had always looked out for me.

He was my Superman.
Always there to catch me when I started to fall and carrying me when I was hurt. Making sure nothing bad ever happened to me.
Always there to comfort me when I cried.

He really couldn't take seeing his little Sis cry.
When he got sick and died, it devastated me.

When we were still at my mom's in FL, she read us a story about Red Cardinals and how they show up after a loved one passes on. One had shown up every day since he had passed.
It helped soften the hurt in our hearts from missing him.

The Sunday after his funeral service in FL, my husband and I were back home at our church in TX, and our Pastor said a blessing for my brother and our family in his opening prayer.
I, still with such sadness and a heavy heart from missing my brother, had to get up and go to the ladies room to compose myself and get a tissue to dry my eyes.

We always sit in the same place every week, and the same sweet elderly couple always sit in the same pew in front of us.

When I returned to my seat, my husband gently nudged me with tears in his eyes and whispered, "look" and pointed to the back of the elderly lady's sweater!

On the back of it....was the most beautiful Red Cardinal I'd ever seen!!

I have to tell you... it just took my breath away!
I cried some more and then I smiled, with Peace in my heart, I couldn't take my eyes away!

I knew my brother was there with me in Church that day.
He wanted to tell me he was ok.. and not to cry and that "he" was at Peace.

This Story is Dedicated to: My brother James M. Williams Jr. Sent From: Robinson , Texas, -United States,

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