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Red stranger
It all started when my father prays for Jesus Christ, praying, praying praying. My father worked long hours to pay the bills and keep the house we've been living for 20 years with no help from my mother since they've been divorce on '09 and its much better this way.
My father didn't have a friend or his past family with him here in Texas state. All he ever owns are his two children, including myself.
He would get home late, leave home early. His life has been this way, working. That's all he's really good at.
I would miss my only parent, that I would sneak in his room and sleep there till he comes back home. Until on morning a cardinal bird slowly landed on the side of the masters window, as if the Bird itself was going to start talking, but it did. Communicating by tapping the window with his beak. Puzzled I thought she just wanted some seeds to eat or thought the curtains looked like a bird. I shooed her, she came back. I fed her. she did not react.
I figured it was a one time thing so I let this past, i let my father know. He looked at me as if i was crazy. I tried to prove it but how can i if he's always at work? Three months has passed and Fall will turn into winter. That means the birds have to migrate.
I patiently waited for the bird to leave, but she didn't. She stayed. Unlike Canada or greenland its not that often here in Texas to get cold. Annoyed that the bird hasnt left yet worried she must be freezing out there. I ripped old shirts that i no longer use and tried to make a nest, which seemed like a good idea first.
I found out at the very top of my oak tree this little one was living by the window this whole time.
I felt more loyalty from that bird than a dog, ironically.
I convinced my dad to stay for the holidays, in the morning he met my little friend.
And explained how he saved a tiny bird who's wing was broken.
He took care of that bird amd set it free as soon as it can fly.
it was the same bird!
My father happily knew he had a friend, also an alarm clock so he can wake up in the mornings.
This Is my cardinal bird story, and I am still living it.
This Story is Dedicated to: My dad& My friend The cardinal Sent From: Houston, British ColumbiaTexas, -United States,

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