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Significant Cardinal Visit
Singing a comforting song!
For many years I have been a keen bird watcher. My husband supported me in this and tagged along on bird watching day trips when he wasn’t working. In 2005 he purchased a small plane, a Cessna Cardinal, which had a small logo of the head of a cardinal on the tail of the plane. We always referred to the plane as “The Cardinal”. Every Christmas since then one of us in the family would surprise him with a little cardinal ornament to add to the Christmas tree or to hang in his study in our home. One year a stuffed toy cardinal was purchased and our young grandson learned to squeeze it and make it sing.

In July 2013 my husband was out for exercise on his racing bicycle, still new to him with those narrow tires. He was dedicated to exercise for himself and also to encourage his many patients in his family medicine practice to do the same. He had an unfortunate accident, which ended in tragedy. He was air-lifted to a trauma unit in Toronto and passed away in the Cardinal Carter Wing of St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Canada a few days later.

When my daughters and I returned home, north of Toronto a few days later, we were serenaded by a cardinal each morning for over two weeks. As a birder, I know how unusual it is for a cardinal to be in our backyard, so this was noticed by me. It couldn’t be missed as it sang loudly behind our home each morning for those two weeks!

The male cardinal had become a special Christmas decoration for our family and now it is a symbol connected with even more meaning and significance to Gordon, Dad, Grandpa!
This Story is Dedicated to: Gordon E. Riddle Sent From: Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada,

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