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Ladybugs Now Cardinals, signs for healing
Ladybug Love, now Cardinals! Grieving the loss of my wife and miracles
Its going almost on 6 months since my angel (Kim) went to heaven. I thought I would share with you the amazing things that are happening to me now in my life. When my wife passed away it was a Thursday night, November 15th, I knew it was getting close; Hospice was great, she wasn’t in any real bad pain, it was just the end time. The Monday prior her voice was so weak, yet on Tuesday she was clear on her voice letting me know how much she loved me. I think God was letting her know it was getting close. Wednesday she was pretty much unconscious and just holding on, and Thursday she had her last breath as I held her. Friday was a day of numbness, letting family and friends know so travel could be arranged. The wake was scheduled for Sunday with funeral Monday. Friday night was very difficult, so empty inside, lost, and afraid as I wanted to know she was ok, in Heaven. I didn’t really sleep, and on Saturday morning I just was so cold, the cold you feel that’s to the bone. I had my arms around me holding myself when the first miracle happened. This unbelievable soothing radiant heat/light filled my arms. It was the absolute best warm feeling I ever had. And after 23 years of marriage, I knew that touch, Kim through the Spirit was letting me know she was ok, I started to smile and giggle it was her, and I just laid with that un-explainable heat of light run through my body.

I finally got up and was so much alive to let all of my relatives and friends what had happened, they felt my happiness knowing my Kim was in Heaven. As family and friends started to arrive Saturday, I would show them around my house and the lake and the sheds were my wife kept all her gardening supplies etc. Then, as I was walking with a friend of my wife, 2 ladybugs landed right on us, it was real cute and amazing. After studying the Ladybug on line and the history, The Lady bug derived its name from “Our Lady” The Virgin Mary, based on the miracles that have happened for farmers and losing a loved one. I told my neighbors who are so close and good friends who helped me all the time through this, they said the ladybug is the Virgin Mary saying “Let go and Let God” I was thrilled, it was like a spiritual sign that was beautiful. But, this was just the beginning! I brought my brother-In Laws to the shed, and ladybugs were landing on them (my wife’s brothers Twins) and on all her gardening tools and stuff. It was surreal! Again, I was just filled with such feelings of spirit and that Kim was in such a better place. But, it gets better. The following day was the wake, I was nervous as this I knew would be hard, as I was getting ready In my spare bathroom, I opened the top cupboard doors (This bathroom never gets used,) and behold, on the inside a little ladybug starting crawling and on my finger! Amazing. The wake went good, hard as you can imagine. The following day was the funeral. I chose a nice cemetery that was about 14 miles from where we live. It was a newer Catholic cemetery and the church for the funeral was right next to it.
Monday came and all friends and family were present, as the funeral proceeded to the outside cemetery and the father was saying his prayers, Ladybugs were landing on everyone, even the priest. All doubt about my place only phenomenon was now obviously erased as this was 14 miles away. Oh yes, this is November in Texas as well, so Ladybugs and winter, it was all so comforting. As family and friends started to depart and say their goodbyes, I knew it was going to be hard to be alone, my wife’s best friend Nina and also a great fiend to me stayed 2 extra weeks to make sure I could mourn and have a friends shoulder as well, she is such a great person.

One day Nina called her husband Vernon who was now back In Smithfield Virginia (a great friend of mine and was one of the pallbearers) he was in his office. Nina was telling him of all the great Ladybug things happening here, and guess what, yep Vern said, you won’t believe it but there are ladybugs on the “Inside of my window”! He took pictures and sent them to us. Amazing! Well, when Nina left I was now alone, and scared and sad, keeping busy and helping others was my first goal as I know that’s what Kim would want me to do. On one particular day I was heading to my church and help clean all the pews etc, I decided to drive my wife’s car (a cute little yellow mini-cooper. Kind of looks like a ladybug! I was sad as I missed her so much, on the way I decided to go through a auto car wash as Kim’s car hadn’t been driven in weeks, as I was thinking about her, behold on the inside of the windshield was a Ladybug, I smiled and had it crawl on my finger, put it on my lap, took pictures of it with my smart phone to send to family/friends, and opened the window to let it go, again, so Amazing.
As I continued to move on with my life I knew holidays would be hard, my wonderful brother invited me to come to Minnesota and spend a few weeks with them; they have 2 cute daughters. I drove with my wiener dogs (all 3 of them) to MN. It was good to be with family and they have a wonderful house; I was in the downstairs guest bedroom with full bath, very nice. On the 3rd day there I noticed that the shower had no shampoo left, I told my brother and he asked my Niece Grace to get me some shampoo. Well, as I was in my bedroom she came up and said Uncle Steve, here is some shampoo, I took the bottle and it was (LADYBUG SHAMPOO!!) Cute bottle with a large ladybug saying Ladybug, I just started laughing and hugged her. She knew nothing of the ladybug incidents, it was Kim saying all ok and that Christmas will be fine. Wow, how I love her! Christmas went well, and it was time for me to go back home to Texas. As I drove back I was so thankful for God and the Virgin Mary to help me so much.
Every 2 to 3 weeks I visit Kim’s grave and bring 3 dozen flowers, as she loved flowers/roses etc. Super bowl Sunday, after church I decided to go to Kim’s grave I planted the flowers, and yes a Ladybug flew right in the middle and landed on one of the flowers. Cute little green one, Amazing! Last week I had to travel, headed to the airport, I put on the Sirius channel Catholic channel, it was Gus Lloyd talking about lent and was asking callers what they were going to do for lent. Gus said he was going to say the rosary every day, I thought it was a great Idea and that I was also going to do that as the Virgin Mary and God have helped me so much through all these miracles. I decided to call the show and let Gus know, Obviously the chances of me getting on I knew were a million to one, but I wanted to share my story. Of course I got through and told Gus my story and as well I would include the rosary daily. He loved my story a lot. Last Saturday I went to confession, 2 priests were taking people and the Priest I know well is a great Irish priest who has helped me also through this tough time. He as well is aware of my Ladybug stories. Well as I stood in line, the other priest door was available, but I let the person behind me go in as I waited for the Irishman. As the door now opened, and I went in and sat across from him, he was smiling, kind of like he knew I was coming in or something. I sat down started to talk/pray and on the partition to my amazement was a??? Ladybug, I smiled and said Father theirs a ladybug, he said, yes isn’t it Beautiful! I asked him, when did it come in, he said when you walked in, Amazing.
So, I wanted to share these Miracles’ and to say heaven is real, and if its Gods will that Cancer brings you to him, it’s all ok, and your loved ones will be OK, Believe, GOD is real, Jesus will help, the Virgin Mary loves us , God Bless, in memory of Kim, FYI, now everyday Cardinals are coming right to me, perched looking and singing, flying next to my car everyday!Steve
This Story is Dedicated to: My Wife Kimberly Sent From: Mt Vernon, Texas, -United States,

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