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Butterfly Blessings
A Spring time adventure !! May 15,2010
Yesterday was a beautiful day at Harbin Park. I arrived earlier to spend about an hour and a half, talking to God, and reading my Bible. I have been struggling lately, feeling a little disconnected. I felt much better after spending that time with Him. A friend of mine met up with me to take pictures, walk, and talk. We had a wonderful afternoon! There are many paths that lead to the hiking trails at this park. We walked down one of these paths, thinking we were going to take a small hike in the woods. We began to take pictures on the way, but her camera was not taking her pictures correctly. It's a little hot out at this time, the bugs are biting us, and now we are really irritated with this camera. Why did it all of the sudden stop taking macro shots correctly? As we are standing there, I look down and see the feather of a cardinal!! I had never found one before. It was awesome! As I bent down to pick it up, I was deciding whether I was going to give it to my friend rather than keep it for myself. Just then another one caught my eye, THERE WERE TWO! WOW! Not only did God bless me with this treasure, He provided another for me to give to her! Then there were two smaller feathers, that were lighter and smaller, able to float in the air better. So, we decided to pick them up, make a wish and throw them into the air. Both of our feathers blew to the left and right side of the trail on top of leaves. I took a picture of both of them, but I liked the picture of hers the best.

After this, we went to get lunch and I was able to get my blue Slush Puppie, that I had been craving at the local ice cream stand. It started to get cloudy out. I was in shorts and a tank top, and it was getting a little cold out there. I was wishing that I had long pants to put on. I went to the trunk to get my Bible and my journal thinking, well maybe I will just stay for a little longer and read and write. Something navy blue caught my eye. It was the track pants that I had put in there, in case I needed them! I thought that I had taken them out. I was able to slip them on over my shorts, and go on my next adventure. I felt a strong sense that there was something exciting waiting for me on one of those paths. I decided to go with my gut and investigate.

Walking down the path, I could hear my feet crunching the grass, the swish of my track pants, and the sound of tons of crickets even though it was only about 6:30Pm. There was a cool breeze blowing, and everything was vivid and crisp. The bugs could no longer use me as a walking buffet as I was well covered. It was as if I had stepped into a beautiful painting, or a different land of mystical wonderment. I stopped at one point in the path to take pictures of a tree of thorns, mixed with flowers. As I was standing there, I heard something fly by my ears similar to the sound of a small plane. It was a beautiful butterfly! He was fluttering all around. I tried to get a shot of him, but he was much too fast, and very skittish. It was as if he was playing with me. Flying right past my face, and then up, up, and away. It was making me giddy with joy, that he was making his presence known to me. Rather than chase the thing around, I stood still and I held my left arm out, camera in right hand, deciding that the butterfly would in fact land there. I prepared everything as if I knew it was going to happen. I had also asked God to intervene, and allow this to happen.

It was less than a minute, that this beautiful creature blessed me with his presence on my hand exactly in the spot that I had the camera pointed to! WOW! What a miracle/gift of God.

After taking these pictures, he flew away. I asked God if I could have a picture of him, next to the footprints ring that God had given to me years ago on my pinkie finger so that my two miracles could be together. So, I held my arm out again and stuck up my pinkie finger. You cannot see the pictures on here that I have, but within a min or so not only did he land by my ring, but he stayed there for quite sometime and literally pressed his wings closed up together, against my ring. WOW! I cannot begin to tell you how I felt.

Praise the Lord! Thank you so much for making your presence known through your creation. I could never explain the euphoric feeling to have God instantly answer a prayer right before my eyes. Butterflies do not just land on on you. Unless you are at the conservatory at the butterfly show, LOL. Nope, God led it to me because of my request, but more importantly because of my childlike Faith that it would happen. Those are the prayers that release Heaven on Earth, and that is exactly what it felt like in those woods on that day.

I look forward to my next adventure! I will also try with all of my heart to continually remember that things that we perceive as bad or aggravating, happen along the paths of our journey, to slow us down and have us take note of the beauty around us. I guess that is why her camera kept messing up, because once we got off the trail, it started working again. If that had not of happen, I may not have had the time to notice our feathers

This story is much better with the pictures. If there is ever a way to post pictures on a story, please let me know..
This Story is Dedicated to: Our Father Sent From: Cincinnati , Ohio, United States,

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