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Answered Prayer
My husband and I inherited a beautiful Green Quaker Parrot that we called Christy. She was named that because Christmas time is when she walked into the family's back lanai and stayed...
My husband and I inherited a beautiful Green Quaker Parrot that we called Christy. She was named that because Christmas time is when she walked into the family's back lanai and stayed. She was very happy with my husband's parents up until the time they passed away. Once Christy came to live with us she was like our little girl. She even talked in my husband's voice. There is no way I can describe the closeness that formed between her and us except she was more like a human than a bird. On Sunday during football season she would sit there on her always uncovered cage and watch football with my husband. She even knew when the team would score a touchdown and would hoot out a chant just like a human. She made the many moves with our family throughout the years and had many ups and downs with accidents, escapes in which she always returned and some very serious illnesses. My husband also bears many bad scars at the rescue of her from oyster beds that tore his legs apart when she accidentally flew out our back door once. We had her for over 13 years and she was so cute the way she had snack time, wake up time and she was very demanding when we would deviate from her schedule which she kept the entire family on. Well one morning after moving into a new home (after 13 years in our other home) I noticed she had blood in her cage and was looking rather unsteady. I called my husband who came home from work and took her to the Vet's office right away. For weeks we nourished her back to health. We were beside ourselves for fear we would loose her. Our only joy would come when she would make her usual loud demands of food or our presence. As it turned out she became blind from the result of the sickness (they were never quite sure what it was) so we had to give her round the clock care to make her healthy again. One day while looking out the window I noticed a beautiful Red Cardinal outside that was so beautiful and out of place that I could not forget it's presence. I began seeing it everywhere. It would be outside in the tree near the window when I woke up. It was also always at any window I looked out of for days. Then one morning it began walking up to me when I was outside with my small dog at about 6:00 am. It was almost to me when my dog ran it off. I mentioned it to my husband who thought I was being what he called mystical and dismissed it. I could not let it go however and kept bringing it to his attention whenever I saw it. I was convinced she was there for my bird. During this time our precious Christy took another turn for the worst and eventually died in my husbands arms. We were devastated. We never saw the Red Cardinal again after that I thought the pain and grief would kill me. One night after the grief was not letting me sleep I asked God to let me know that my Christy was in Heaven. That very night a Red Cardinal came to me in my sleep, sat on a pirch while another Red bird flew down and draped a red beaded cloak across the Cardinal and it fastined like it was magnetic across the front of the Cardinal. He looked Majestic. The bird that had cloaked him was my Christy. I even asked if it was her and she nodded (as she did many times when she was alive) that yes it was her. A mirror appeared and reflected her green color that she had when she was alive. She let me tell her how much I loved her and let me hold her again. It was beautiful. I have never seen another red Cardinal again and I do not think I want to. I know how this may sound to some but I truly believe that the Red Cardinal signifies something very special for our loved ones, people and our pets.
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