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On Red Wings to Heaven
How the Cardinal Experience Began...
"Why haven't I heard from my husband since his death?"

I do realize that this expectation may sound strange to some, but for me, it seemed only "natural". For many years I worked as a clairvoyant helping to find missing and murdered children, so hearing a few words from the man I love was something I truly expected to hear. On his deathbed, my husband promised to call out to me, just to let me know that he had made it safely to heaven. While I have not heard my husbands voice as yet, something odd did begin to occur about a month ago.

In hopes of relieving some of my grief, I walked down a wooded trail a few of blocks from my house. It was there that I heard a voice calling down to me from a large oak tree. It sounded like it was saying "here, here". When I looked up, I was surprised to see a beautiful red cardinal. I acknowledged his presence and his beauty, but for some strange reason he would not stop yelling to me. Of course my first thought was of Jack, but I did not have clue as to what the cardinal was trying to tell me.

The next day as I got into my car I heard the same call from the tree next to me. I wasn't sure it was the same bird, but he certainly called down to me in the same passionate manner and for an entire month now the same feisty cardinal has relentlessly pursued my attention. Just last week I began sinking a little further into depression. I was sitting alone in the house with the all of the window blinds closed tightly around me when that incredible little red bird perched himself on a bough of a tree and peered over the top of the blinds through the opening of an arched window. From there he began calling out "here, here" until he literally called me out of the house! This red crested stalker had been coming around every day, but on this day he was so demanding that there was no chance of ignoring him. As I stepped out into the sunlight I had to smile at the persistent little creature who was more and more reminding me of Jack himself.

The truth is, this was a little disturbing, as I did not want to think that somehow my husband's spirit was in that little red bird. Now my husband was a former pilot, and he had told me in his last hours that he aimed to "fly on red wings to heaven". Understanding that he was alluding to his beloved red airplane, I encouraged him in those last moments to imagine a great and wondrous flight into the clear blue heavenly sky, on his "red wings".

Could it be that those red wings actually belonged to a bird? I had to ask, who is this cardinal and what does this all mean? That's when I began digging and soon discovered that the cardinal has a long history as a symbolic messenger from the heavens above. The red cardinal is indeed associated with bringing cheer to the world in the midst of barren winters, hence his regal image appears on Christmas cards and ornaments throughout the season. I understand now, that in the same way a cardinal beacons us to rise above our grief and know that there is a full and happy life beyond death and sadness. This little red bird is a messenger of HOPE and all this time he has been shouting "CHEER, CHEER" how foolish I feel now that I could not understand what he was trying so hard to tell me.

As amazing as this experience is for me, I am finding through my research that the very same cardinal experience has been shared with countless others though out time. The entire matter has in fact become so uplifting that I am inspired to create a website to share the cardinal experience, and I don't just mean own. I am referring to the cardinal experiences that have given hope, faith and inspiration to all those fortunate enough to receive the experience.

At the moment I feel compelled to create an uplifting book filled with sincere heartfelt stories to give hope and comfort to others who have lost or are going through the same difficult process of losing a loved one. OMG, I have no doubt that this is the right thing to do as the cardinal messenger himself has just flown back, seated himself on the fence adjacent to my window and begun in his own words to "cheer" me on! I am so excited that I actually just ran outside and took a picture of him sitting on the fence... just before he flew towards the heavens, on his beautiful red wings.
This Story is Dedicated to: Jack Jepsen Sent From: Orlando, Florida, -United States,

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