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Maddie Cattie
I had to make a decision to put my
I had a recent Cardinal experience, but did not know it until my daughter confirmed it by finding this website. It sure did confirm my belief, and I need to share it with everyone.

I had to make a decision to put my "inherited" daughters cat to sleep after trying and praying I could heal her inablity to eat. (She was diagnosed with Cancer just 2 wks prior)I cannot express how attached I truly was to "Maddie Cattie" It was only the last 4 years that Maddie became social and allowed me to be close to her and we bonded - I considered her my best friend. 
Why I thought she was special... She would Meow - meet me at the door daily after work, she would have coffee with me each AM as we would go outside for a brief stroll. She would see me off to work sitting in the window. Each evening she cuddled on my lap to watch TV, and then knew it was time for bed and would jump up to join me to sleep as close to my neck and arm as possible every night. Company would be in AWE to watch her eat - as she ate her food and water with her left paw - as if she were a person. She was 19 lbs - as big as a Turkey from the backside. (At time of her demise - she wasted down to a mere 10 lbs)

Now to my Cardinal Experience...
Friday 12/16 I returned home from the Vet's office after having my wonderful 14 yr old - Maddie Cat put to sleep. I planned on leaving Maddie in the garage until end of day when we could have the family burial. I opened one of the two garage doors and as I was looking for something to put Maddies Box on - all of a sudden I heard very loud "fluttering and tapping"... How could this be?? Where did you come from I asked... as A Large Red Cardinal inside my garage - was winging and banging into the unopened 2nd garage bay window. I said well, you too deserve to be put at rest and I will help get you free. With a bit of soft coaching he found the open garage door and Happily flew off into the day's air. I felt a sense of calmness - as I watched him fly off... only to wonder how did this Cardinal get into my closed up garage - it was not there last night or this AM when I went out. I said to Maddie (as I always talked to her... Could this be a sign sent to me by an angel, that you are now free Maddie - and is that really you going off in another life.
After explaining this odd occurrence to my daughter she was sure it was a "sign" and sent me your website. Of which,I have found so much comfort as I miss My Maddie and mourn seeing her, but I will look and watch for the Cardinal to return. I am sure it was sign of peace for me to know Maddie knows how much I loved her. Was that her sending me a sign saying it is ok, she is in a better place and it is ok, and she is not suffering any longer.
I will look for my Red Cardinal - as of course Maddie is resting right near the Bird Feeder - that she would often sit near and be on watch.
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