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When I was low you lifted me up
Feeding the birds
December 2018 would mark the third year of my daughter and me entering into the New York City's Homeless Shelter system.
By April of 2018 we were placed into a permanent shelter. Welcome to the jungle. The building was over a hundred years old and its appearance was that of a worn garment. The staff was shifty and the other shelter residents were puppets for the corrupt staff.

We were assigned a room on the second floor. The room had a window that faced the rear of the building. Through the window I could see a fire escape. Past the fire escape you can see a collection of enclosed backyards. Very large trees that grew in those yards. It was the beginning of spring and the leaves were just starting to come in. Later that night I just laid down and tried to figure out how God was going to get us out of this dilemma.

The next morning I woke up and looked out of the window. It was there that I noticed a little brown sparrow fluttering on the fire escape. At that moment I smiled because I used to feed white doves that came to my window at my old apartment. I had the idea that maybe I could get him to come back if I put some food out.

The church across the street from the shelter gives away free food every Friday. There was always an abundance of bread. That is what I use to give to the birds. I filled the bowl and watched. Soon a mama bird brought her baby down to eat. I watched as she would pick up a piece of bread and feed it to the baby. She did that a few times then stopped. This made him come closer to the bowl to feed himself.

I replaced the bowl with a plastic homemade bird feeder so that the rain wouldn't make the bread soggy. I placed an old can of beans inside of it to keep it from blowing away. I enjoyed feeding them. Soon other animals came by. Morning Doves, Starlings, a squirrel, and a mouse. I chased off the critters so that the birds could eat in peace. I was even able to record them on my phone.

Funny how life works, my daughter got a job at a pet store. She would bring me bird seeds from her job. By December this became my routine.

One morning in December I was laying in the bed I heard a still voice in my spirit that prompted me to look out the window. Sometimes I would fill the feeder after 6 pm the night before so that it would be full for the next day. I did this because the sparrows liked to eat early in the morning. They would eat from about 6 am until about 4 pm. I would get up in the morning just to check on them. When I got to the window this time there was something different, something new!

There on the fire escape was a bright red cardinal bird! I stood there like a big kid yelling, "Cardinal!" over and over. This special visitor came to visit me during a dark time. Seeing that bird made my heart swell with joy.

Of course he flew away when I opened the window to put out more seeds. I poured out more seeds then closed the window. I pulled down the blinds so that he wouldn't be scared off. I peeked at him through the cracks in the blinds.

At first he was the only one, but pretty soon the other sparrows came back. Sometimes he would have to fight with the sparrows to get a spot, but he found a way to get around them. Then his mate came down to feed. That day was not only special because of their visitation, but because it was the birth date of someone special to my heart.

I believe in God's perfect timing. God knows what you want and when you need it.

Before I knew it New Years came and went. In February of 2019 we moved into an apartment. Although I was glad to be out of the shelter system, I had a heavy heart because I had to leave my feathered friends behind. I will cherish their memory forever.

Thank you for letting me share. I hope it made you smile.
Be Encouraged.

This Story is Dedicated to: Jesus & Mike Sent From: Brooklyn, New York, -United States,

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