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I believe
I believe a cardinal is a representative of a loved one who has passed.
(On July 23rd 2018)
I would like to share something that happened to me this morning. I have always been a little skeptical about the red bird saying, that it is a sign from a visitor from heaven....well as of today I am a true believer!
As I sat in my car this morning fumbling through my purse, I heard a loud bang on the driver's side window, it actually startled me, I looked over and it was a red bird perched on the edge of my window, it sat there for only a second and flew off to a nearby tree, I turned to grab my phone so that I could take a picture but it was gone.
My Jamey, my son, as always has been heavy on my heart this past week and I think that's why the red bird came to see me this morning....just to let me know he's okay

I now have 3 bird feeders in my yard, I never thought I would become a bird watcher until I lost my 24 year old son on 4/29/16. They always seem to come around most when I need them the most.
This Story is Dedicated to: Jamey Michael Sorensen Sent From: Pell City, Alabama, United States,

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