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Comfort after a loss
My mother passed away in November 2017. About a week after she passed, I started noticing a cardinal hanging around my backyard. I did not think much of it at first because I was just enjoying the air as I was taking my dog outside. After about another week, I noticed that this cardinal was still hanging around my yard and I was not feeding it. I researched the cardinal and learned that they tend to appear after the loss of someone dear to you. I started leaving shelled peanuts on my patio table and noticed that the cardinal loved the peanuts. After I started leaving peanuts, I started seeing squirrels, blue jays, rabbits, groundhogs, deer, and still my cardinal!! So I researched more about the cardinal and learned of other foods they like and I started putting seeds out that are specific to songbirds. Now, in 2019, I have a host of animals that visit me daily and my cardinal has never left! He now has a wife and 2 babies that he brings to my feeder everyday! When I see him, I am always reminded of my mother and the cardinal brings me such comfort with his songs and his curiosity. He is no longer afraid of me and will often sit on my table while I am dispersing all of the food. This cardinal brings me joy each and every day and makes me feel so much better when I am feeling sad.
This Story is Dedicated to: My Mother Sent From: Cleveland, Ohio, -United States,

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