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Juji, and Reiley
My best friends
It was about a week after my last dog died, and I was sitting in my recliner feeling so down and depressed that I just sat there and cried and cried until I could not cry anymore. It was then that I decided to talk to my two girls and I was telling them how much I missed them and I missed taking them for walks and I just wanted to know if their pain went away and if they were happy where they were . I asked them to please if they could in anyway let me know if they were happy if they weren’t sick anymore and that it would make me feel so much better and at peace if I knew they were happy and safe .
My recliner is adjacent to my sliding glass door and I fell asleep because I was so emotionally drained. It was then I was awakened by a bird chirping and I looked over outside into the yard , And perched upon a branch of my tree was a red cardinal ! That cardinal just stared into my slider and it was then that I knew That all the stories that I had heard about red Cardinals being angels was true for me .. my precious dogs came to tell me that they were happy and they were safe and they weren’t sick anymore . That was my moment of peace I could rest now knowing that when I was down and upset that they would find a way to come to me and to let me know That things would get better… They truly are my angels .
This Story is Dedicated to: My beloved Reiley and Juji. Sent From: Fort Myers, Florida, -United States,

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