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Mr Red Bird is Charlie coming to visit
Mr Red Bird is Charlie coming to visit
Our dear sweet Boxer dog, Charlie, passed in February 2018. He was the most kind, gentle and loving "big boy", weighing in at 100 lbs. My husband and I and his little sister, Delilah, are still missing him terribly!

As a testament to just how very special he was, from a pup's age, dragonfly's were always around him & would actually land on him - whether on his head, back or even his leash. They always seemed to love him.

While mourning and reflecting on our sadness about an hour after his passing, a bright red cardinal appeared in front of us on our back porch - this was the very first time we had seen one there. It was so obvious that was our boy letting us know he, and we, would be ok.

Ever since that day, a red cardinal, we nicknamed "Mr. Red Bird", comes nightly to sleep in a small tree by our front door. It never fails, when the sun goes down, even with the time change, he's there, waiting. Each night, we go outside to "talk" to him and unbelievably, he never gets scared, flinches or flies away - he simply just looks at us and tilts his head as if he's truly listening.

I cannot convey how much joy it brings me and makes my heart happy to see him every night - I have to believe he IS our Charlie coming to say good-night & sleep with us!
This Story is Dedicated to: Charlie "Big Boy" Sent From: Orlando, Florida, -United States,

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