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My Dad's Love
Visits from red cardinals
When my father passed away in Illinois in January 2018 from complications related to cancer, I was devastated. Although I live quite a distance away in Maryland, I was fortunate to spend the last week of his life with him. My father and I were so close, I didn’t know how I would cope without him. I returned home to Maryland after his funeral, and the weather in Maryland was as cold and snowy as in Illinois.
One day in January after I returned home, we received about two feet of snow. I live in an area with lots of trees and my backyard has a retainer wall. I happened to be thinking about my father and my tears couldn’t stop flowing. I was sitting in an upstairs room with my cat and all of a sudden we both looked up and out the window to see a red bird – a cardinal – perched on the retainer wall. It stood out given all the snow. The cardinal stared into the room and then flew toward the window. I couldn’t believe it. My father visited often and stayed in this particular bedroom.
When the weather warmed up, I went walking in the neighborhood, and a red cardinal flew right past me, as I was thinking about my father. And, yet another time, as I was driving a red cardinal flew past my window shield. I didn’t know much about birds, so I did some research about cardinals. I began to realize the cardinal represented my father’s wonderful spirit. On another day, I was a bit depressed and started reminiscing about my father. I looked out the window in that same bedroom and saw a beautiful red cardinal perched alone on a tree in our backyard – it sat there in the same spot for about two hours.
I shared my stories with one of my siblings who came from Illinois for a recent visit. I’m not sure how much credence he gave to my stories about the cardinal; however, during his visit, we sat on our deck and all of a sudden three or four cardinals flew around the deck, one perched on the deck – all as we were sharing memories of our father. Not to mention that my father loved our deck and we spent many hours just chatting during his many visits. I think my brother believed then that our father was with us.
I miss my father so much, but it gives me great comfort when I see this beautiful bird – and it is always when my father is on my mind
This Story is Dedicated to: My father Sent From: Upper Marlboro, Maryland, United States,

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