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I believe my son visited me just now, as a Cardinal bird.
I know that my son, Los, just visited me, as a Cardinal.
My adult son went to the Afterlife on Jan 24th. I have spent a great deal of time learning about the Afterlife, and praying and meditating. so that I can help my son to go forward and create a wonderful Afterlife.
Our hometown is St. Louis and I truly felt that a Cardinal visit would be a sign from Los, as he loved the St. Louis Cardinals.
Looking out my home office window, I spotted a bright red Cardinal. He began walking closer to my window. I bent the blinds so he could be sure to see me, as he came closer. I smiled whole-heartedly, as I knew this was my son, Los. I had that electrical surge go through my upper body, as I have had when Los visits when I am meditating and blessing him. It was quite euphoric.
As soon as he flew up into the tree, I googled "Cardinal Birds in Kansas."
My first click was " The Cardinal Experience".
This Story is Dedicated to: My loving, generous, open-hearted son, Los. Sent From: Lawrence, Kansas, -United States,

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