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James Hainen
On April 17, 2017, this a true story I swear on my wonderful wife's grave. I drove to the pharmacy with my dog in my deceased wife's car, a pretty blue Prius. She past away Oct. 30, 2016. When I parked I left the windows partially down because my dog was in the car. When I came out of the pharmacy I got in the car and heard a noise, I turned around and a red Cardinal was sitting on the back seat. She would not get out of the car. I drove back home and when I pulled in the drive and parked I opened all the windows. I turned around to look and the red Cardinal waved her wings and then flew out the window. The next day there was a mass for my wife at our church here in Florida where lived in the winter.
This Story is Dedicated to: Christina Hainen Slater Sent From: Vicksburg, Michigan, -United States,

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