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Wee Red Bird
Wee Red Bird
Growing up, I didn't have a Grandma, I had a Maureen.
Maureen joined my family and married my grandfather when I was less than a year old. A sweet, feisty, Catholic woman from Ireland, Maureen and I bonded instantly. With my parents working endlessly through my first few years, Maureen was there to care for me often.
When we moved out of state, we would talk all the time and she would often tell me that "A wee red bird" had told her that I had passed a spelling test, was in a play, or got a new dress. Whenever I saw a cardinal I thought of her and pointed it out to whoever was around.
Flash forward a few decades,her health unexpectedly dropped and in the weeks leading up to my wedding, she was admitted to hospital. She was released the morning of my wedding and was there for the whole event. As I said goodbye to her that evening she held me tight and told me how happy she was for me and how wonderful my husband was.
About a week later I got the news that she had passed.
After her funeral my entire family resigned to our cottage to spend some time together. As my grandfather and I sat talking under a covered porch by the lake, a bright, red cardinal flew under the canopy and landed on the chair in between my grandfather and I. I was absolutely speechless. The canopy was huge and birds rarely came under and sat, especially when people were around. My grandfather, not noticing the bird, continued with his story...all I could do is stare at the red bird, who stared right back at me.
Eventually the bird flew away and my aunt and mother came up from the beach. I told them what had happened and we all broke down in tears.
I KNOW with all of my heart that that was my Maureen letting me know that she loved me and that she was okay.
To this day, whenever I am feeling sad, or insecure, there always happens to be a "wee red bird" around.
This Story is Dedicated to: Maureen Sent From: Flushing, Michigan, United States,

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