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My Mother's Wings
I never knew!
I just discovered this page by chance today and I had no idea that Cardinals signified loved ones. I thought it was unique to only my experience and I am amazed reading all these stories to only strengthen my belief. I will never forget the moment I received the phone call that my mother had passed away. I started to cry and in my line of sight was the most beautiful vibrant red Cardinal I had ever seen. I instantly knew this was a sign from my Mother and she was telling me that she is not gone and she will always be there for me just not in the physical form that I knew. I was instantly comforted by this bird that stayed with me for a long time as I cried. Every and I mean every time that I have needed my Mother I have been able to find her outside. My husband made me aware of the Cardinal's outside after she passed and I would be crying for her or missing her or even talking about her. He would point out that she was right there and she was. I never knew that the Red Cardinal signified passing loved ones until today and my Mother passed 8 years ago. Learning this brings me so much joy and peace.
This Story is Dedicated to: Marilyn Agatha Fomby Sent From: Spicewood, Texas, United States,

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