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waiting for my cardinal message
recent loss
it surely is more than a coincidence that i "stumbled" onto this site, only days after losing my beloved cat who died very prematurely. People will say "why get worked up about a cat?" Well, she was so much more than that --- truly exceptional in every way, much more like a little fuzzy person than a cat. At any rate, i've already noticed cardinals in my life, for years now..... at times, i would see one swoop in front of me, crossing my path, and then i knew it was an omen that i was going to have a great day that day.... sure enough, that's what happened.... Now, as i'm genuinely gutted by grief, i'm going to pay attention over the next few days to see if I get a "cardinal messaage." I do live in a "cardinal thick" area, we have no shortage of them in my neighborhood... still, for some odd reason, i have not seen a cardinal for weeks now. I will definitely consider it meaningful if one of them comes to me at this time, when my heart is at its heaviest. i'll pop back in to report. To be scientifically correct, i'm not going to "expect" anything in particular, i'm just going to be observant of my surroundings and see what happens. I've definitely received "messages" from hawks before....after my father died. He was a pilot also, and it was his most cherished activity. After his passing, i would notice hawks circling over my head and flying in other ways to draw attention to themselves. I took it to mean that Dad was saying Hi.
This Story is Dedicated to: My beautiful, sweet little Ling, best kitty in the world Sent From: Newburgh, New York, -United States,

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