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How my cat Ranger sent a Cardinal during my grief.
Signs from Heaven
This is not the first time my wife and I have had signs of love from Heaven which were brought by an animal. We have associated visits from the Butterfly, Dragonfly and Ladybug with loved ones who have passed.

Our four year old cat,Ranger, died suddenly after apparently getting acutely sick. The vet said a possible heart defect from birth. We found him on the floor lifeless and our hearts were broken in a thousand pieces.

Of course only people who share a deep love with animals they share their lives with will relate to this but I encourage all to draw faith and inspiration from the connection.

Ranger was a beautiful, fun and loving soul that brought happiness and love to our family every day. His being taken at four years old was crushing and devastating. I was inconsolable. The night he died we spent hour upon hour crying and grieving so deeply that it physically hurt. We always ask "Why" when a loved one dies, especially if they die young.

We also have another cat, Bella, and a dog, Lucy, who were also very close to Ranger. In the morning I took Lucy for a walk. As soon as we opened the door there was the brightest red Cardinal sitting outside in front of us. I had just seen something a couple of weeks before about Cardinals being messengers from Heaven and I started to cry. As we walked down the street the Cardinal flew to a bush in front of us and then crossed our path as we walked. I broke down. I knew in my heart this was a message from Ranger that he was in Heaven and the love we shared will live on and we will be together again someday.

I am writing this three days after Ranger died and I am still grieving deeply. I only hope that others can find some level of comfort through this story. Maybe there will be a connection for you through an animal messenger who is identified with a lost loved one. God bless you all.
This Story is Dedicated to: Ranger Sent From: Forestburgh, New York, -United States,

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