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The cardinal came to visit me.
Out of the mouths
My husband passed away almost 8 months ago. I was always looking for "signs" that he was here with me. His sisters kept seeing birds, and to them, that was him. For me, it was dolphins. I would sit by the water waiting to see him. On Saturday it was my birthday. And I wanted more than a dolphin, I really wanted to know he was there. Driving to the water, I saw a large T in the clouds (his name is Tom). When I got there I was looking at the T, when a song that played at our wedding and his memorial came on. Then I saw my dolphin. To me, that was all him. Telling me happy birthday.
Now, today. I had seen meme's saying that said that seeing a cardinal, meant someone in heaven was visiting. I was sitting on the lanai, when I looked up at the screen and there was a cardinal, looking at me. Made my heart swell. I looked up and said "Hi, honey".
Later on, my 17 year old son came home. I told him that a cardinal came to visit me today. He said, "Why? You're not even Catholic!". I stared at him for a few seconds, before he realized I didn't mean that kind of Cardinal!! Thanks for the laugh honey! I believe you orchestrated this!
This Story is Dedicated to: Tom Sent From: Bradenton, Florida, United States,

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