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Little Angel Dove
A little dove left angel wing prints on my window
My story is not exactly about a cardinal, and while it may not be as beautiful or angry as some of the other stories, it's mine and I'd like to share it. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were watching TV in our Florida room and I kept hearing a noise from the window behind me. Even my dog barked so I got up to take a look. It was a dove, which seemed to be trying to get my attention. Even with me standing very close, and the dog barking behind me the bird didn't appear to be frightened at all. Then it flew over to the window behind my husband and just tried its best to get inside. I didn't know why the bird wanted in so bad but before I had time to even ask, it flew away and then came right back and hit the window so hard that it left wing prints that looked like angel wings.
I just kept thinking that maybe it was a good omen because I wanted to believe so badly. My husband is 85 years old and has many serious medical problems that I worry so much about. We have been married almost 64 years so I can't imagine what it would be like without him. The imprint or angel wings, as I saw them, stayed on the window for a long time and every time I looked at them, it made me feel better. Maybe the little dove was really an angel telling me to stop worrying and just think about all the good things we have shared in our long life together.
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