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My Aunt Always Knew The Perfect Gift
They truly give you signs if you allow yourself to believe
My dearly beloved aunt "transitioned" on March 10, 2015. Before she left this world I had went to go see her for our last "Earthly" visit, she knew it and I knew as well. We talked about memories we had made, each other's favorite color, flowers, and things like that. She was telling us how she wanted her funeral, songs she wanted played, and had such a peace about the whole thing. So before I said my final goodbye I asked her if she would give me a sign once she made it to the other side just to let me know all was well. I said that she could come in any way she wanted throwing out ideas: butterflies, birds, and through her frail, sweet voice (eyes closed) she says "butterdish." Just to be sure she knew what she was saying I asked to confirm. Once again she nodded her head and let out a soft uhhuh. Now my aunt had a HUGE butterdish collection which had close to 900 and they were the ones that were made in the late 1800s/ 1900s. They brought her such joy and most of them were found on her road trips all around the states at antique stores. She left the Earth about a week after our visit. I attended her service that Friday and after the service I went to my childhood friends house for the weekend. (we get together like twice a year) Also, we go to antique stores when we get together. Ok so I start telling my friend about my aunt and our conversation that we had before she passed. The next day we went to this HUGE antique store. Now I was aware that there was a chance that the butterdish could come BUT wasn't focused on it or even expecting it bc she hadn't been gone that long. So as we round the corner in this glass case I see this little purple butterdish and I start thinking "is this it, is she giving this one as her sign?" Worried that could be it I have to worker take it up front to hold. (now I was thinking that could be it bc after the hospital talk I had been thinking of where I would put this butterdish bc they aren't small or huge but I am limited on space.) So as my friend and are looking around we turn the back corner I start to say to her "I can NOT stand that yellow brown colored glass from the 70s) but before one word came out my eye was drawn to this yellow (with a slight brownish tint) golden BEAUTIFUL butterdish. It was in the strangest place. Everything was on tables, floors, etc and here sits this butterdish all alone in this random spot up high on this shelf (but not really a shelf.) So I walk over there and pick it up and admire it and see the price and I'm holding it up in the air looking to see the price on bottom this lady was walking by. As I go to to put it back on the shelf she turns around walks over to me and says in a very MATTER of FACTLY tone "you HAVE to get that, you just HAVE to, when you held it up the light just shown through it and it was beautiful!" So my friend and I just looked at eachother and locked eyes as our souls KNEW my aunt had come through loud and clear. I had this feeling on me that I couldn't shake off. My mind was going so fast! These were my thoughts: when someone dies I feel like they go back to the warm golden light (had a different experience with my mom) and the woman said "golden", also the butterdish was up high (I feel like we ascend and she passed by as I held that thing up in the air looking at it) it was a shade of yellow which I had told my aunt on our last visit that yellow was my favorite color. It has a etched flat Daisy on it which looked like the homecoming mum she had got for me when I was in 3rd grade which we had also talked about on our visit bc that was my very favorite memory of her. Also the butterdish was the EXACT same color of that mum. A golden, yellow with a tiny hint of brown. It was also from the era that I entered this world. And I only owned 1 other butterdish (that I found at a thrift store and bought just bc I thought it was pretty) once I got home and looked up online the info on it there was another one they made in the 80s that was from the EXACT same line, brand, collection and it was the one I had already owned!!! I had NO clue!!!! Then on our way home I was asking my friend if she ever seen "redbirds" where she lived (I knew she assumed Cardinal but I meant actual Redbirds) but she said no. So the next morning she opens the front blinds in the front of the house and her niece comes running and says "you have to come see this BlueJay" so to appease her I went and the EXACT moment I stood up to the window a cardinal flies out of her bush and into the tree in the middle of her yard and just stayed there!! They were shocked bc I had just asked about them! This ALL happened the day after my Aunts funeral. I remember every single detail of all of it! Then like that whole next week things kept happening such as: Monday- yellow butterfly, Tuesday- someone had pinned my pink tulip fairy lamp (pink tulips were her very favorite and she loved Fenton glass) and I had just posted a pic on FB right before I went to bed (I typed on the pic: sending you pink tulips up to heaven) woke up and someone had pinned that pink tulip fairy lamp!!! Then I watch Golden Girls at night before bed and my granny (her mom) would watch that together (and in the hospital my Aunt kept telling me she felt my granny around her but couldn't see her) so here I'm watching the golden girls and the episode was about a lady named Freeda (my aunts name) dying and her funeral!! All of these things happened within 5 days of eachother!!!!! There is part I left out that happened right after my cousin called to tell me she passed on. All of this is/astounding!!! My Aunt was big on Christmas and bdays and would always get you the PERFECT gift and she continues to do so even from the beyond!!! That's why I gave my story that title. Also, I have quite a few more stories that I have experienced not about my aunt but other loved ones. I love to tell them and it just confirms to me that there is more to life than what you see with your physical eyes and that life doesn't end at the time that your heart stops beating and you have taken your last breath.
This Story is Dedicated to: Freeda Joyce Allen❤️ Sent From: Pasadena, Texas, -United States,

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