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My Dad's Cardinal visitor
In August of 2014 my Dad was told he had Stage 4 Lung Cancer.
Well, Dad's fight ended May 17,2015.
My phone rang on Saturday morning in Massuchesetts at 11:30am when I was told by my mother that my Dad had been rushed to the hospital by ambulance. They lived in Florida I got the first flight out to get to the hospital. When I got there my Dad was in ICU and unresponsive he had suffered a diabetic accident and was in a diabetic coma. But, they were unsure if how long and had brain damage due to this. All sorts of tests were done. There was nothing they could do for him and the next step was hospice. We went to visit the hospice center. It was beautiful. The people we wonderful. On the way back to the hospital I saw a cardinal. I always think of my Dad's Mom when I see I cardinal she loved them. The cardinal was flying in the same direction of the hospital and the same way we were going. It made me smile. The next day Dad was in Hospice and I was trying to deal witdh the fact that we had to go home and leave him in hospice and he was going to die and I wasn't going to be able to be with him. I went out to the little screened in porch they had outside his room and was crying about leaving my Daddy. Then I looked up and there sitting in the tree outside his room was a cardinal he just sat there and hoped on the wall outside. My sister came out and I showed her too and we just smiled. The cardinal flew away. My dad died that weekend. Thinking that my grandmother was there to be with her son make me feel a little better.
This Story is Dedicated to: My Dad Sent From: MILLBURY, Massachusetts, -United States,

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