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True Cardinal Loss
True Cardinal Loss Brings True Cardinal Gain
My mother recently suffered a stoke and passed away within four days of the stroke. It all happened so quickly, I was in shock. She had been my mother, mentor, neighbor, and BFF for 55 years. We had always shared the most precious times together; we laughed and cried as one. Not only was she my mother, mentor, cheerleader, neighbor, and BFF, we traveled, shopped, canned vegetables, banked, and worked in our yards together. As she lay lifeless and unresponsive following the stroke, I had to let her know it was okay to go so she could be with my Little Grannie, Daddy, and precious sister, Lynn. As painful as it was to let her go, I have had such a peace since her death realizing more everyday realizing how great God's mercy is. She was so full of life and happiness. She would not have wanted to lay in this condition or go to the nursing home. I thank God each morning that He took her to Heaven where there is no more pain or suffering. Every time I see a red bird at my feeders, I saw "Hey, Mama," then I say "Thank You Lord for your mercies that are new every morning."
This Story is Dedicated to: Vessie Newberry Sent From: Bainbridge, Georgia, -United States,

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