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Robin's Loss
A timely awesome event
The passing of Robin Williams was a truly shocking and OH SO SAD event. The loss was made more devastating with the word suicide attached to it! I am familiar with that scenario.... When I was coming of age, I spent a lot of time helping my Mother in our Church's kitchen preparing meals for less fortunate folks. I can barely see his face now, however, he would show up on those Sundays and talk to me by the little stage area off the kitchen. This went on for months and months...Then someone brought word that he had committed suicide. The news shook me to the bone. He was not my brother, cousin or longtime friend, yet the news came as such a blow. Worst of it, I somehow felt responsible & It weighed on me. To this day, any one mentioning doing away with themselves I take very seriously...everyone should! Well, I was standing near our kitchen window contemplating the sudden loss of Robin Williams, a presence on screen & TV who had always given me cause for mirth, joy, lightness & ease...gone. Gone like the boy at church, no way to snatch him back from that fate. As I stood by the window & the sorrow started to seep in, there appeared a red cardinal on the railing of the outside deck..He was large, full, beautiful red and the crown on his head so perfectly pointy. It surprised & delighted me so...(I feed the birds in the Winter time & It is quite rare to have a cardinal here. They like the lower areas of our neihhbors). And he stayed awhile hopping around & I said to myself LIFE - SO GENEROUS A GIVER! Robin Williams was a very generous giver of his gift in this life. We all must remember each other's gifts and be thankful for them...a little birdie told me so : )
This Story is Dedicated to: the Family & Friends & Fans of Robin Williams Sent From: Canterbury, New Hampshire, -United States,

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