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Goodbye Dad
Thank you cardinals
My dad was terminally ill in the year 2000. During that time, I began to spend more and more with him at his house. He already made it perfectly clear, he was not going to die in a hospital. During my visits, I would notice a cardial flying around the porch. Some days it was a male, other days it was a female. Well, it just happens that Im a collector of Cardinals so, I was delighted to see the birds every day!! I knew my father`s health was rapidly declining with each day. I KNEW on May 30th, he wouldnt live longer than 24 hours. That next morning before I went to Dad`s house, I phoned several family members to let them know today was the day a very strong man was going to loose his fight. I drove to Dad`s house just full of emotion. As I was walking up the front steps, I noticed both the male and female cardinals were sitting together on the edge of the porch. I was right. Dad`s color was very poor and his breathing was labored. Family began to show up to say goodbye one last time. We were so blessed that dad was alert and oriented almost to the last minute. My aunt was the last to show, bringing with her my Grandmother, my dad`s mom. When dad and grandma said goodbye, he took his last breath. That day changed me for the rest of my life. All the family had gone and the men from the funeral home said it was time. As they wheeled my father`s body out the door, the pair of cardinals flew away, almost like they were waiting. So, a couple of days later at my dad`s wake, my ex fiance showed up to pay his respect. Knowing my love of cardinals, my ex pulled out of his pocket, a little plastic, motion censored cardinal. I cried and smiled at the same time at this sweet gesture. That evening, I sat that plastic cardinal on the back of the stove. My two young daughters and I was in the living room and out of the blue, my blessed cardinal began to chirp!! My four year old daughter said, "Mommy, there`s a bird in the kitchen!!". I smiled on the inside and said, "No baby, that`s grandpa Bob letting us know he`s still here with us." A couple of years later, I read in a book of superstitions, cardinals carry away the souls of the dead. I was right. It`s 2014 and that lovely little cardinal still randomly chirps out of nowhere.
This Story is Dedicated to: Robert Edward McGlothlin Sent From: Lafayette, Indiana, -United States,

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