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help carnals are attacking my house! dont know how to stop it
any advise would be greatly appreciated
For the last three weeks carnals male and females have been flying at ALL my windows from dawn to dusk everyday non stop i read about the territorial thing so i put card board and other things to block the window they still throw themselves at the windows and peck i also noticed that when im standing in front of a window (i know they can see me ) they attack the window i have bird feeders out and water i love my birds in all seasons enjoyed watching them but this is WEIRD they are sitting on perches and WATCHING ME im not paranoid or crazy i am a normal gramma of 4 and love my birds can anyone tell my what they think is going on its almost as if there trying to warn me or tell me something??? they are waking me up at dawn and i work nights, they hit my bedroom window continuously in the morning they know im in there? just wondering if this has happened to others? or is this a cosmic warning of some kind?
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