Can Our Young Ones Ever Be Truly Lost?

Young OnesJust prior to her graduation, my lovely young granddaughter-in-law died in a tragic automobile accident. A dear friend recently lost his beautiful 20-year-old daughter in a similar senseless traffic accident. Another friend’s son lost his life to an addiction, and our neighbor lost her child to a congenital disease.

Such difficult cardinal losses have caused me to pause and ask another cardinal question, “Why are so many young and vibrant children leavin­g so early in life?” For us, the older family and friends of such young ones, it is hard to understand, much less accept. As a parent, I can’t help but ask, “Why? My child’s life was just beginning, with so much potential, promise, and possibilities to contribute to the world. I loved my child with all my heart. Why on earth would a loving God choose to take my child, instead of me?”
Truth is, such gifted young ones may not actually be saddened nor devastated when they die before fulfilling their expectations on earth. The have departed for a higher purpose. While it’s hard for us to understand and accept, there is a positive reason that such young ones, filled with vibrant energy and meaningful commitments to their future lives, suddenly leave this world. While it may not consciously be their choice, it is indeed a progressive part of their higher spiritual purpose. 

As parents, teachers, friends, and family members, we feel sadness in the belief that when our young loved ones depart, they are unable to fulfill their lives and become all that they desired to be. Truth is, this is a false belief that brings unnecessary sadness!

True, they may no longer be visible to us; however, they are not lost. Nor have they even left the earth in a greater sense. They are still with us; they were merely led to the other side of existence. You may ask, “Does being with us in another sphere mean they are not in heaven with God?” Not at all! Because God is the All Being of Life, He is everywhere, including heaven, the “other side” of earthly life.

So why are our young ones taken to the other side before they complete their life on earth? Well, imagine going to college with a goal to complete your education so you can begin your work as an artist, a healer, an educator, a counselor, or some other position that makes the world better. Suddenly, you are unexpectedly offered the highest and most rewarding job and position possible for your talents. The only regret is that you must accept the position before you graduate. True, you may miss your classmates, friends, and teachers – plus family, of course. But how important can a worldly graduation actually be, after you are led to a greater, more rewarding job and position to fulfill your true-life purpose?

“But what kind of  “position” are you talking about?” you may ask. Believe it or not, there are many more positions or openings on the “other side”, on their side of existence, than on our side of things. Be it creativity, healing, comforting, or just sharing the light and wisdom from the spirit of God, our departed young ones serve with joyful actions and loving contributions.

While we may not be able to see precisely where they are, we should know that they are not lost. Remember, we live in a limited sphere of perception, with many filters between us and the Truth. Through faith and awareness of what we shall come to know, we can feel and connect with the joyful and loving new existence of our young loved ones. They are still growing! They are growing in their powerful and joyful contributions to the lives of us all still here on earth, and beyond.

Cardinal Love & Blessings,        
Jeanne Marie Antoinette            

Sacred Heart
"A Child's Lament " written by Joan Zink is dedicated to the memory of lost and departed children and their families.

Click here to watch an inspiring video of a lost young girl who sings a beautiful insightful song to her parents.

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